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Attachments & Forms

Purchase agreement + Annex A

When purchasing the cottage, a purchase agreement must be completed and signed. The purchase agreement regulates the purchase of the cottage. The purchase agreement Annex A regulates the use of the land, as well as details of rental income, monthly costs, and other rights and obligations.

Annex B

The inspection report is used when the seller and buyer sign the purchase contract. This protocol describes any defects in the cottage that need to be addressed by the Seller, as well as other construction details that are important to document when buying the cottage.

Annex B – Inspection report – Download inspection report.

Annex C

The overviews below show a map of the area where the cottages are located. These overviews show the location of the terraces and the selling price of the cottages.

  • Annex C – South Village Overview – Download

  • Annex C – North Village Overview – Download

  • Annex C – F01-F07 Cottages Overview – Download

Annex D

It describes what to consider when you want to carry out an outdoor or indoor renovation. Before planning a renovation, you should carefully read this document so that you know all the rules, restrictions, etc. related to the renovation work.

  • Annex D – Renovation modules – Download

Annex E

This form should be filled in when planning an outdoor or indoor renovation. The reason for completing this form is so that LCS knows what to do and when and how. At the same time, it is important to get information on how much noise disturbance the renovation work may cause, which is important with regard to other guests staying in relatives’ cottages.

  • Annex E – Reconstruction & Renovation Form – Download

Annex F

Here you will find some interesting drawings for your cottage. You can renovate your cottage according to one of these drawings, or use these drawings as inspiration and examples for your own designs.

Annex G

It describes your rights and obligations regarding maintenance work. On the one hand, the Seller will be responsible for some of the maintenance work on/around the cottages, and on the other hand, the Buyer will be responsible for some of the maintenance of their cottage.

  • Annex G – Maintenance work – Download

Annex H

As a cottage owner, you can enjoy all camping activities (boats, canoes, kayaks, SUP, mini-golf) for free! This annex describes the rules for using these free activities.

  • Annex H – Free Activities – Download

Annex J

Each cottage owner can apply to the LCS for a storage box for their (renovated) cottage. In this annex you can read more about the storage box and how to get one.

Annex K

Each cabin has kitchen equipment according to the inventory list. When something on the inventory list needs replacing or supplementing, we take care of it. This is included in your monthly fee. If you want to supplement the kitchen inventory with additional items that are not included in the inventory list, you can bring them yourself. Then you can choose whether to leave these extra items in the cabin, so that guests can use these items as well, or bring them back home or store them in a separate place in your cabin that you can lock.

  • Annex K – Inventory list – Download