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Here you find fishing possibilities for everyone. For both recreational and more serious anglers and everything in between. Fishing is a wonderful and relaxing activity, and many of our guests come simply to relax by fishing in our waters, such as Långasjön, Kroksjöarna and the River Mörrum. We sell all the necessary accessories to help you get started with your fishing. All our products are quality products from Abu Garcia.

You can buy your fishing license for both Långasjön and Kroksjöarna, directly from us at the reception or online via the BOOK button above. To see more information about the fishing rules and to view a map of the fishing lakes, just click on the following links:


In cooperation with PEXFISH we offer fishing guides. More info is available at PEXFISH.

Included in fishing guide (full day)

  1. Fishing is mostly done from the boat.

  2. The price includes about 8 hours of fishing pass and fishing license to the lake. Extra fishing rods and life jackets are available for loan.

  3. During the day, you will receive all the trainings:

    • fishing technique – vertical fishing and the drop

    • Bottom structure and baitfish – a major factor in fish location and its importance to vertical fishing/dropping

    • fishing ethics – spawning periods, C&R and C&T of fish

    • the sonar course – using the sonar for vertical and drop fishing techniques

    • tips on fishing equipment for vertical/drop technique

    • important clothing and safety on the boat

  4. During the fishing trip there is a good chance of catching pike and zander, but also a large abalone may surprise us as an extra by-catch.

  5. Delivers 99% of fish catch guarantee and a professional portrait with the fish 😉

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