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Here you find fishing possibilities for everyone. For both recreational and more serious anglers and everything in between. Fishing is a wonderful and relaxing activity, and many of our guests come simply to relax by fishing in our waters, such as Långasjön, Kroksjöarna and the River Mörrum. We sell a limited range of products for beginners and more experienced anglers.

You can buy your fishing license for both Långasjön and Kroksjöarna, directly from us at the reception or online via the button Activities or via the App Långasjönäs Camping. To see more information about the fishing rules and view a map of the fishing lakes, just click on the following links: FISHING RULES and FISHING MAP.

Fishing courses at Långasjö Camping (booking via Camping)

Fridays 14/06, 28/06, 12/07. – Time: 09.00-15.00

Welcome to a fishing course for both beginners and the slightly more advanced anglers in Långasjö, Blekinge. Experience your first success! The course includes both practical explanations, useful tips and tricks and practicing your newly learned skills for a few hours in Lake Långa. Take this chance to experience without having to buy your own fishing gear!

This course is organized by Peter from For questions, please contact the guide by phone + 46 707 766 228 or e-mail . The guide can help you in English, Swedish and Polish.

Practical information

  • Fishing license for one day of fishing included.

  • Fishing equipment included

  • The whole course is adapted for adults and children.

  • Minimum age: 11 years

  • Children up to 14 need to be accompanied by an adult during the course.

  • Course duration – approx. 6 hours (some snacks/drinks included)

  • Price: 900 SEK per adult and 600 SEK for children up to 16 years.

  • Number of persons: min 3 – max 8 persons.

  • Register at least 3 days before the course starts


We will go through the following fishing topics during the day.

  • Sport fishing – what it really is (why is it identified as a type of sport).

  • Different types of fishing rods, hooks and baits adapted to the fish species

  • Important basics on how to assemble the rod and which knots are important.

  • Where to buy fishing equipment and where to get a fishing license (costs).

  • Methods for sport fishing

  • Differences between the equipment (mete, spin, etc.)

  • In what context will technology such as mobile apps, the latest fishing gear or electronics help us with fishing?

  • Fishing ethics – what to do with your catch and how?

  • Rules and obligations for anglers

  • Measurement of fish

  • Photo memory with the fish – how to take a professional photo in the best way.

Fishing guiding (booking via Pexfish)

Fishing guiding can be booked directly with PexFish. Please contact us via + 46 707 766 228 or e-mail .

  1. Fishing is mostly done from the boat.

  2. The price includes about 8 hours of fishing pass and fishing license to the lake. Extra fishing rods and life jackets are available for loan.

  3. During the day, you will receive all the trainings:

    • fishing technique – vertical fishing and the drop

    • Bottom structure and baitfish – a major factor in fish location and its importance to vertical fishing/dropping

    • fishing ethics – spawning periods, C&R and C&T of fish

    • the sonar course – using the sonar for vertical and drop fishing techniques

    • tips on fishing equipment for vertical/drop technique

    • important clothing and safety on the boat

  4. During the fishing trip there is a good chance of catching pike and zander, but also a large abalone may surprise us as an extra by-catch.

  5. Delivers 99% of fish catch guarantee and a professional portrait with the fish 😉


For those who don’t fish very often – or at all – but still enjoy getting out, perhaps with their children, and have some fun with rods and lures, can easily buy a cheap rod at the kiosk and sit by the water’s edge to see if any perch or roach bite. Simply a lovely and relaxing family activity when you’re on vacation.

Of course, you can fish more seriously in Lake Lunga too. There are large pike, perch and even pike-perch. You may want to rent a boat to increase the chances of catching a real nice and big fish. We have a total of 8 boats for rent in Långasjön. We also have some electric motors which can be rented. Gasoline outboard motors are not allowed on Lake Långasjön, because the water in lake Långasjön is the municipality’s drinking water. Would you like a depth map? Simply ask for this in the reception.

To fish in Lake Långasjön, you need a fishing license which can be purchased at the reception. Children under 16 fish for free. From the age of 16, a fishing licence is required. It is not allowed to have more than one fishing rod/casting rod only one per person.