Each cottage owner gets free access to all our boats, canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards, including the boats in our three trout-fishing lakes. We hope this makes your time here with us even more enjoyable and fun, allowing you to create even more special and priceless memories with your loved ones. You can use all our activities completely free, within the guidelines stated here! And that’s not all. You may even play on our “Lakeside Minigolf Course”, whenever you want. Also, completely free!

To make the concept of free activities work, where everyone has an equal chance to book their free activities, the following guidelines apply:


You can book an activity when you have booked your cottage and actually have checked in into your cottage. When you are only visiting are facility (without checking in), you can’t use activities for free, but of course you can still book activities as a regular guest.


Once you have checked in, you can book all the activities you want. You can book activities for several days in advance, or simply book more spontaneously during your stay. You will receive a special “Activity Card” which is used to book the free activities. Basically, you can book whatever you want and when you want, but to avoid excessive use of our activities, your free use of activities is maximized to the amount of the virtual money on this Activity Card. When checking out, you will leave both your cottage keys and Activity Card in the reception. Your Activity Card will be activated and updated again with new virtual money upon your next visit.

The amount of free virtual money on your Activity Card depends on the date of your stay and the length of your stay. For the 2024 you will receive the following free virtual money:

During high season (15.06 – 31.08): 360 SEK per day with a maximum of 1800 SEK per week.

Outside high season (15.06 – 31.08): 600 SEK per day with a maximum of 3000 SEK per week.

Each time you come in to the reception for your free activity, you will need to show your Activity Card. We will then take an amount of virtual money from this card equal to the prices in our pricelist. You can then start to use your free activity.


To give each owner an equal chance to use their free activities, it is only possible to book during your stay at the reception. This means that you can’t book on forehand, but only during your stay. If you still want to book in advance, you can do so online on our website under the “Activities” tab or via our App, but at current prices and conditions.


As said, all activities are for free, but this does not count for fishing licenses and electric motors. Fishing licenses always need to be booked and paid for directly in the reception, via our app or website. The same counts for an electric engine. When you need life jackets, you can borrow these free of charge.

This offer is valid with no expiry date but Långasjonas Camping och Stugby AB reserves the right to modify or discontinue this offer. With the above rules we hope to create the right balance, where each owner gets equal chances to book their activities, as well as allowing other (paying) guests to use our activities.