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"Owning your own cottage by the lake"

Långasjönäs Camping & Stugby has been welcoming guests to its beautiful facility since 1964. During these years, tens of thousands of families and other guests have enjoyed their holidays here with us. Throughout the years, many people have asked us if it would be possible to buy one of our cottages. We liked the idea, so we started to work out this concept of selling our cottages. Now, a few years later, the moment has come that we will start selling our houses.

We have worked out in detail a very favorable concept, allowing basically everyone to acquire a cottage in beautiful Långasjönäs. Now you have the chance to own your very own cottage here in Långasjönäs in one of Blekinge’s most quiet, most beautiful, and most desirable places.

A summer cottage is often only for those who can afford it.

Buying a summer cottage is not within everyone’s financial means, It is not always so cheap to buy, especially not when you would like to have a summer cottage in a popular and beautiful location. When you also want a nice view over the lake, you pay even more. Prisvärda sommarstugor som uppfyller Affordable summer cottages that meet the above requirements are rare to find and if you do find them, there is often a considerable price tag attached to them. Our cottages meet all the above requirements regarding location, beautiful natural environment, and beautiful view over the lake. The price however you pay for one of these cottages will positively surprise you. Prices are starting at 289,000 SEK.

What about the costs for maintenance, water, sewage, insurance, electricity and so on? How often you spend time in your summer dream and how often it just sits there empty and costing money? Within The Lake Project we rent out your cottage during the days and weeks you are not there. The rental income is divided between you LCS. Instead of paying money for all costs, you now receive money instead. Read all about this exciting project below and judge for yourself if this is an opportunity that might suit you.

The Lake Project: Everyone should be able to buy a summer cottage!

The beauty of The Lake Project is that it allows pretty much anyone to buy a cabin. The purchase price is very low and even if this price is still a challenge for you, there is the option to pay just 50% now and then pay the other 50% in 48 monthly payments. You don’t even have to go to your bank for a loan. We do all this so that everyone can buy a cottage here in Långasjönäs.

What makes The Lake Project so unique?

Långasjönäs offers beautiful nature at one of the most popular destinations in Blekinge. Most of the cottages are located near the water with a beautiful view of the lake. You also have Karlshamns most popular beach just a few meters from your cottage. And nature is all around, as are the many fine hiking trails that start only a few meters from your cabin and take you directly into the beautiful Långasjönäs nature reserve. During the summer, you can rent boats, canoes, kayaks, and SUPs, as well as play mini golf. In the kiosk you can buy both ice cream, drink coffee or get a pizza or panini. Here you have all the ingredients to enjoy many days and weeks of perfect vacation and relaxation.

Hope all the information makes you as enthusiastic as we are and that you start dreaming of wonderful moments in your very own cottage, here in beautiful Långasjönäs.

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How much does a cottage cost?

Since most of you are probably most curious about the cottage prices, you can see below how much each of the cottage’s costs.

S11 – S12 – S13 – S14 – S15 – S16 – S17 – S18 – S19 – S20 S21 – S22 – S23 – S24
349 000
S02 – S05 – S08 – S10
319 000
S01 – S03 – S04 – S06 – S07 – S09
289 000
N02 – N03 – N04 – N05 – N06 – N07 – N08 – N09
349 000
N14 – N15
469 000
319 000
N11 – N12 – N13
289 000
259 000
Holiday Home N01
2 495 000

What do I need to know when I buy a cottage?


Many benefits – One condition


How many days can I stay in my cottage?


Payment & Financing


Outdoor renovation – What rules apply?


Indoor renovation – What rules apply?

Stuga S13

Renovation model cottage S13

Norra Stugbyn (N01-N16), bild2

10 extra questions & answers


Attachments & Forms

Costs – Rental Income – Return on Investment (ROI)

“A smart & financially attractive project”

The entire design of The Lake Project aims to make the purchase of a cottage, as well as renovation, as financially interesting as possible for the buyer in which the following four principles are important:

  • Pretty much everyone should be able to buy a cottage within The Lake Project.

  • The purchase price should be as interesting and low as possible.

  • The rental income needs to create an attractive return on investment.

  • Renovation should be rewarded with extra rental income.

These four principles are the pillars on which The Lake Project is built. We are proud and excited to finally launch The Lake Project. It is a unique project in a unique area, and based on reactions so far, we have all reason to believe that many of our cottages will have a new owner within the next few years.


Apart from an attractive purchase price, there are two aspects that we consider important. The first aspect is the value a holiday home adds in the form of holiday pleasure, of the feeling of being able to get away from everyday worries and just being able to relax, adding quality to your personal and family life in your own little paradise. The second aspect is the value one can measure financially in the form of returns. Although this aspect is not the most important aspect for many, it is of course nice to know that a holiday home does not have to cost money but even can generate money in the form of rental income. If you can combine the financial value (return on investment) with this non-financial value (living pleasure), you can consider this a bonus. It is the financial aspect that we would like to show here.


When you invest in your cottage through renovation, you will receive more rental income. Not only because of a higher rental price, but also because renovated cottages are booked more often. Least as important benefit with renovation is, that one increases his living comfort and vacation pleasure. And renovation also adds value to your cottage, which of course provides an extra piece of capital if you were to sell. So, renovating your cottage pays off in many ways. For Swedish citizens there is even an extra reason to renovate, namely the ROT deduction, which gives you a 30% tax refund on all labor costs.

Please look at the calculations below, to see what the return on investment could be. We have made calculations for both A-houses (289,000 SEK), B-houses (319,000 SEK), C-houses (349,000 SEK) and D-houses (469,000 SEK).

The value development of the house is not taken into account, but one may assume that the value of the house will increase if it is sold in 10 or 20 years from now. That will certainly be the case if one renovates and thus adds value to his cottage. This will give extra profit, which in that case will be an extra bonus.

Below you see two calculations on costs, rental income, and ROI: One calculation based on buying a cottage without renovating it and one calculation where you do a complete renovation. Just click on one of the below cottages to see the various calculations.









Pictures South & North Village

Below you can see pictures of all our cottages in South & North Village, that are for sale.


Pictures South Village S01-S24


Pictures North Village N02-N16


Pictures North Village N14-N15


Pictures North Village N01


How big are the monthly costs?

Who is The Lake Project interesting for?

We think “The Lake Project” suits everyone! You don’t need a big wallet to be able to buy a cottage. You don’t need a big wallet to be able to buy a cottage. Even when the purchase price is too much for you, you can choose to only pay 50% at the day of purchase and pay the rest via monthly payments. This is both convenient and you avoid paying a high interest rate for a bank loan.

The Lake Project is simply a unique project, where the cottages are sold on favorable terms, which makes it possible that basically everyone can afford to buy a summer cottage in Långasjönäs.

“The Lake Project” is for everyone who dreams of owning their own cottage in one of Blekinge’s most beautiful places, for those who like peace and quiet, as well as nature, nice hiking trails, a nice swimming beach, beautiful view of the lake, and those who dream of catching a big pike or salmon. Also, for those who like to be close to the archipelago with all their archipelago boats, or those who like to play golf on one of the many fine golf courses in the region.

But maybe you just want to be and enjoy the silence and relax by spending time in your own cottage. Just sitting on your terrace and listening to the birds and taking in the tranquil view of the lake. Completely fabulous and calming. Just the way you want it to be when you are on holiday or when you want to relax for a few days in fantastically beautiful surrcoundings. If you are one of our many regulars, then you know what we are talking about.

Do you want to know more?

If you are interested in buying one of our cottages, or when you have more questions, you can contact the campsite owner. When you would like to look inside one of the cottages, you can contact the reception to see when the opportunity is available.

You can contact the camping owner by email of by phone:
Bert Woodson-Lock
T: +46 738-170864

You can contact the reception by email or phone:
T: +46 708-656811