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By clicking on the image above, you can read all about The Lake Project in just a few minutes in our PDF introduction. Just read and see all the benefits of owning your own holiday home in beautiful Långasjönäs and how it works. If you then want to know more about The Lake Project, you can simply continue reading below where we explain everything in more detail.

The cottages marked with red text = the cottage is sold.

S11 – S12 – S14 – S15 – S16 – S17 – S18 – S19 – S20 – S21 – S22 – S23 – S24
349 000
S02 – S05 – S08 – S10
319 000
S01 – S03 – S04 – S06 – S07 – S09
289 000
N02 – N03 – N04 – N05 – N06 – N07 – N08 – N09
  349 000
N14 – N15
 469 000
 319 000
N11 – N12
  289 000
  259 000
F01-10 / N01 / S13
*Sale by bidding between
F01 Bokhöjden
1 050 000
F02 Ekudden
1 050 000
F03 Tallhöjden
775 000
F04 Tallåsen
875 000
F05 Hass
875 000
F06 Björkudden
775 000
F07 Malmqvist
850 000
F08 Loftet
575 000
F09 Jonta
225 000
F10 Brukshuset
1 250 000
S13 Holiday Home
1 150 000
N01 Holiday Home
1 950 000

Långasjönäs Camping & Stugby has been welcoming guests to its beautiful facility since 1964. During these years, tens of thousands of families and other guests have enjoyed their holidays here with us. Throughout the years, many people have asked us if it would be possible to buy one of our cottages. We liked the idea, so we started to work out this concept of selling our cottages. Now, a few years later, the moment has come that we will start selling our cottages. This means that all our cottages in our North & South Village are for sale, as well as our premium cottages F01-F10, N01 and S13, a total of 50 cottages that we hope will find a new owner in the coming years.

We have worked out in detail a very favorable concept, allowing basically everyone to acquire a cottage in beautiful Långasjönäs. Now you have the chance to own your very own cottage here in Långasjönäs in one of Blekinge’s most quiet, most beautiful, and most desirable places.

A summer cottage is often only for those who can afford it.

Buying a summer cottage is not within everyone’s financial means, it is not always so cheap to buy, especially not when you would like to have a summer cottage in a popular and beautiful location. When you also want a nice view over the lake, you pay even more. Affordable summer cottages that meet the above requirements are rare to find and if you do find them, there is often a considerable price tag attached to them. Our cottages meet all the above requirements regarding location, beautiful natural environment, and beautiful view over the lake. The price however you pay for one of these cottages will positively surprise you. Prices are starting at 289,000 SEK.

How often you spend time in your holiday home and how often it just sits there empty and costing money, paying for maintenance, water, sewage, insurance, electricity, and all other costs? Within The Lake Project we rent out your cottage during the days and weeks you are not there yourself. The rental income is divided between you and LCS. Instead of paying money for all costs, you now receive money instead. Read all about this exciting project below and decide for yourself if this is an opportunity that might suit you.

The Lake Project: Everyone should be able to buy a summer cottage!

The beauty of The Lake Project is that it allows pretty much everyone to buy a cottage. The purchase price is very low and even if this price is still a challenge for you, you may choose to pay only 50%! The other 50% you do not have to pay. Sounds good, doesn’t it? What we will do instead is simply using your rental income for the next couple of years, to pay off the other 50%. Instead of having to get a (bank)loan with a high interest rate, you simply pay the other 50% with your future rental income.

What makes The Lake Project so unique?

Långasjönäs offers beautiful nature at one of the most popular destinations in Blekinge. Most of the cottages are located near the water with a beautiful view of the lake. You also have Karlshamns most popular beach just a few meters from your cottage. And nature is all around, as are the many fine hiking trails that start only a few meters from your cottage and take you directly into the beautiful Långasjönäs nature reserve. During the summer, you can rent boats, canoes, kayaks, and SUPs, as well as play mini golf. And if you buy one of our 50 cottages, you can actually use all of these activities as much as you want, completely free! In the kiosk you can buy both ice cream, drink coffee or get a pizza or panini. Here you have all the ingredients to enjoy many days and weeks of perfect vacation and relaxation.

Hope all the information makes you as enthusiastic as we are and that you start dreaming of wonderful holiday moments in your very own cottage, here in beautiful Långasjönäs.

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