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Many benefits – One condition

The Lake Project gives you as an owner many financial benefits, thanks to the fact that we can rent out your cottage when you are not using it yourself. Thanks to the fact that we can rent out your cottage, you will receive extra rental income. This income is 50% of all rental income and will even increase to 60% rental income when you decide – and have completed – a renovation of your cottage.

This one condition where you allow us to rent out your cottage, has many benefits: It allows us to sell our cottages for a lower price, you will receive 50% or 60% of the rental income and you only pay a fraction of the costs for water, electricity, sewage, and many other costs (see our overview “how big are the monthly costs”). We see it as a win-win situation. At the same time, we meet the requirements which Karlshamns Municipality has stated in its destination plan for our facility, which states that the cottages need to be available for rent by tourists and others who seek temporary accommodation.

It is therefore a smart, simple, and financially beneficial way to own a lakeside cottage with access to everything that Långasjönäs has to offer. Access to beautiful nature and a nice view of the lake, you get all this for free. Buying your own cottage simply means that you can really enjoy a vacation or weekend, because mowing the lawn, maintaining green areas, etc. is the facility’s responsibility. This is nothing you need to think about. Vacation will simply be vacation.