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Do you like summer theatre? Then Karlshamn has a lot to offer. Sandelius Kultur & Nöje is the theatre production that takes care of fine theatre productions throughout Sweden, but they are based in Karlshamn and therefore there is a lot of summer theatre here in Karlshamn. Often Astrid Lindgren’s stories are the basis for the production.

In addition to Sandelius, there is another production that produces theatre, Teatersmedjan.
For more information about theatre performances click on the following link:


The museum’s exhibitions tell the story of Blekinge from ancient times to the present day!A very interesting museum. There is also a children’s museum and a playground for children. Free admission! More information can be found at


Across the street from the ABU Garcia factory in Svängsta is the ABU Museum. Here you can see all about how Henning Hammarlund started his pocket watch factory in 1887. After bankruptcy in 1921, Carl-August Borgström bought the remaining stock and started his own business. From 1939, he began manufacturing fishing gear, which later became one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fishing gear. In the ABU Museum you can see everything about ABU’s history in one of Sweden’s finest industrial museums.
The museum does not have its own website, but more information can be found here.