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The Blekinge archipelago extends over large parts of the Blekinge coast and consists of smaller and larger islands, islets with surrounding bays.

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In the eastern part is Karlskrona’s eastern archipelago, which consists partly of smaller islands without a fixed connection and partly of several larger islands with an interconnecting bridge, including Senoren, Sturkö and Tjurkö. Karlskrona’s western archipelago consists of Aspö, Hasslö, Almö and its surrounding bays. There is a ferry connection to Aspö from Karlskrona by car ferry and a cable ferry from Torhamn to Ytterön.

Outside Ronneby there are a number of smaller islands, such as Karön and Tjärö, and east of Karlshamn is the Hällaryd archipelago, whose largest island is Tärnö. East of Listerlandet and south of Karlshamn is Hanö. (wikipedia)

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