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All sold cottages will still be available for rent!

If you are used to rent a cottage from us, you do not have to worry. The sale of our cottages has no influence on the rental of our cottages. You can still book your cottage as usual, including those cottages that are on sale. There is a requirement that all cottages will continue to be rented out, regardless of who owns the cottage.

If a cottage is sold, the owner of this cottage may stay in his cottage for a maximum of 60 days per year, of which a maximum of 21 days during the period 01.06 – 31.08. For the remaining 305 days, Långasjönäs Camping & Stugby (LCS) will still rent out the cottages.

Most owners will not even use these 60 days because:

  1. you usually do not have enough days off (holiday) to use all 60 days (except for pensioners).

  2. many owners would like to get more rental income and by spending less days in their cottage, we will be able to rent out the cottage for more days.

Moreover, we have 50 cottages and of course not all of them will be sold at once. The sale is expected to take several years before most cottages are sold. But even when we manage to sell the majority of our 50 cottages in the future, the rental will continue and you can rent your cottage as usual. You will basically not notice any difference.

One of the great benefits of selling our cottages is that someone who buys a cottage will want to renovate and upgrade their cottage. Not only to increase their own comfort in the cottage, but also to make their cottage more attractive to potential tenants, as many of our customers are looking for higher standard accommodation. The renovation of the cottage is something that LCS stimulates in several ways for the owner of the cottage and LCS wants us to have a larger number of renovated cottages with higher standards. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone.