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Payment & Financing

There are different ways to pay the purchase price:

100% Payment

To pay the entire purchase price is obviously the best way. You pay the purchase price, and you get direct access to your cottage. If bookings have already been made by guests at that time, these must of course be respected.

50% Payment

If you do not have the opportunity to pay 100% of the purchase price, or if you prefer not to, you may choose to pay only 50% of the purchase price! The other 50% you do not have to pay. Sounds good, doesn’t it? This is how it works:

What we will do instead is simply using your rental income for the next couple of years, to pay off the other 50%. Instead of having to get a (bank)loan with a high interest rate, you simply pay the other 50% with your future rental income. We only charge a fixed 3% interest on the remaining amount to cover costs of inflation. That’s all.

According to our calculations (as published on our website) it should take no more than 5 years before you have paid the other 50% with your rental income. And if for some reason your remaining 50% has not been paid off within 7 years, we will then waive the remaining amount that is still outstanding! We are so convinced that the rental income will pay for your other half of the purchase price, that we dare to give you this guarantee.

The only amount you pay is a fixed monthly cost of SEK 2,000 (or for some premium F-cottages SEK 3,000) for electricity, water, maintenance, marketing, personnel, cleaning, internet, taxes, etc. You can read about these monthly costs in more detail under “Good to know when booking your own cottage?” on this website.