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Outdoor renovation – What rules apply?

What should the outside of the cottage look like?

With 40 new owners in 40 cottages, certain rules are obviously needed. We do not want any owner of any cottage to paint his cottage yellow or orange, or perhaps build a fence around his cottage, or do something that could lead to conflicts or simply do something that does not fit in our environment. We also must take into account the rules and regulations that Karlshamn municipality has drawn up for this area in its area plan.

What is important in terms of the appearance of our South & North Village as a whole, is that all cottages should look the same on the outside, both in terms of color and construction. A terrace must comply with the construction drawings that we have made, and be built by one of our approved craftsmen, as well as built within the building board’s regulations from the Karlshamns Municipality.

To get an idea of how the outside of the cottages will have to look like, you can look at our model cottage S13. This cottage is already finished as far as the outside is concerned. This cottage has a new roof and new facade (with insulation), new doors and windows, a large terrace, and a heat pump.

Just so you know, there is no obligation to renovate your cottage, but when you do, it must be done in the same way as cottage S13 and according to descriptions that you can read more about under “Renovation Modules”. Even though there are these strict rules regarding the outside renovation of the cottage, there are only a few rules regarding the inside renovation of the cottage. There you have a lot of freedom in how you want to renovate. You can read more about indoor renovation under “indoor renovation – which rules apply?”

What applies when renovating outdoors?

As said, stricter rules apply to all adaptations of the cottage exterior according to the following:

  1. The renovation of the cottage exterior must be carried out in accordance with construction drawings and regulations from LCS.

  2. Exterior renovations may only be carried out by a recognized and LCS approved company. This is to guarantee quality, to be able to claim guarantees and to ensure that all cottages are carried out in the same way and with the same quality.

  3. For the external renovations, we prefer to work with Korsliden Bygg & Förvaltning AB, who also did the renovation of S13 for us, as well as our new service building, among others. They deliver a quality job and can easily compete with other construction companies as to offering the best possible price. We prefer that you use Korsliden for all your renovation projects, just as we do. If you prefer to hire another construction company, then there is the possibility of this, but in that case the construction company must be approved by us.

  4. Every conversion or renovation of your cottage must be reported to us by sending in the form “Remodeling & Renovation” where you can describe what you want to do, who will carry out the job and when it is planned to carry out. LCS then examines the extent to which the construction company or craftsman in question is sufficiently skilled and reliable, after which approval can be given for the renovation.

  5. The costs for the renovation are paid by the cottage owner. The costs for the renovation are paid by the cottage owner. When the renovation is carried out by a construction company or craftsman (e.g. Korsliden), you are also entitled to 30% support via ROT deduction (applies only to Swedish residents who are liable for tax in Sweden).

  6. It is not permitted to make changes to the outside of the cottage, other than what is described in the document “Renovation modules”. When you are unsure about something, you should contact LCS and ask for advice. Never start changing anything on your cottage. This would mean you take a risk that LSC will not approve what you have done, and you will have to undo or redo the renovation on or in your cottage. By signing the purchase agreement, you agree that LCS decides what is allowed or not. Of course, we will also take a discussion, but in the end, it is LCS that needs to make a decision according to the purchase agreement, as well as the rules and regulations of The Lake Project, as written down in this document, and the area plan of Karlshamns Municipality.

In general, it can be said that the following rules must be adhered to:

  • No permanent fence may be placed

  • No other structure may be built or placed on or near the cabin

  • No objects may be attached to the outer wall

  • No changes may be made to the exterior

However, it is permitted with the following:

  • Your own garden chairs and/or deck chair, hammock, etc.

  • Your own mobile grill

  • Other temporary items that are taken home after you have left the cottage, or stored in a – approved by us – storage at your cottage