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Our Premium Cottages F01-F10 / N01 / S13

Many have asked us if they can buy one of our F01-F10 cottages. For those of you who specifically are interested in one of these premium cottages we can now announce that even these cottages are for sale in 2024!

Whereas our cottages in South and North Village have a fixed price and can be bought at any time, we do have a little different set up for our F01-F10 cottages, as well as our cottage S13 and our Holiday Home N01. We are going to have an open window for bidding on our premium cottages, starting 01-07-2024 and ending 31-08-2024. This means that everyone interested in one of our premium cottages can make a bidding within this 2-month period. The highest bid on 31.08.2024 wins and will be able to buy the respective cottage. Biddings can be made by sending in your bid to

All biddings for these 12 premium cottages will be listed on our website and on Facebook. A newsletter will also be sent out during these two months, to inform everyone about the bidding. More specific information will come shortly before 01-07-2024. The bidders who have the highest bid on 31-08-2024 for each of our premium cottages will be able to purchase the cottages. Bids below the opening price will not be accepted, only bids equal to or higher than the opening price will be considered as valid bids. If one or more of these cottages has not received a valid bid by 31-08-2024 at the latest, we will consider the starting price for these remaining cabins as a fixed price in the future and these cabins will then also be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

It is allowed to bid on two different cottages and if both bids would be the highest bid, you must choose which of these bids will remain and which will be withdrawn. In that case, the next highest bidder on this (withdrawn) cottage will be the one with the highest bid.