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Inside renovation

Lots of freedom when renovating your cottage on the inside

No special restrictions apply when renovating a cottage internally. You can renovate the interior according to your own wishes and ideas. Under the section “Indoor Floor Plans” we have collected various floor plans that you can use when you plan to renovate your cottage indoors. Or you can simply use them as inspiration for your own floor plan. We have already renovated one cottage ourselves, namely cottage S13. Feel free to check out this cottage to see the metamorphosis this cottage has undergone. We hope it may serve as a great example of how you yourself can renovate your cottage.

Advantages of renovating with the help of a construction company or craftsmen
It is permitted to renovate the interior of your cottage yourself. We recommend however that a renovation is carried out by a construction company or professional carpenter or craftsman, because:

  1. You do not need to use your 60 vacation days to do renovation work. You can save them for your holiday weeks and days*.

  2. You receive a 30% ROT deduction on all working hours that the construction company or craftsman work on the renovation (Swedish citizens/taxpayers only).

  3. When the renovation is finished, we will make a new valuation of the house, with a new rental price. It is therefore important that the renovation is done professionally and properly, so that we can set a higher rental price, which therefore yields higher rental income for you. Only if the interior renovation is fully approved by LCS will we increase the rental income for the owner from 50% to 60%.

* When a construction company or craftsman carries out renovation work in your cottage, you do not need to use any of your 60 free days. You can save them until you want to use them for a weekend or holiday week. You can simply ask us to block your cottage during the period the construction company or craftsman is working in or on your cottage (on the condition that you do not stay in the cottage during this blocked time). You can simply ask us to block your cottage during the period the construction If, however, you choose to carry out the renovation work yourself and/or hire someone who is not approved by us, then you cannot block your cottage, but you need to book it in the usual way using your 60 free days.

Basic rules to consider when renovating your cottage

As a cottage owner, you get a great deal of freedom to customize your cottage according to your wishes. But since your cottage also must be part of our rental business, there are several basic rules that must be considered when renovating and/or furnishing your cottage:

Renovation must be done outside the high season period

Renovation is in principle not permitted during high season (01.06 – 31.08), due to inconvenience it may cause for other guests staying with us during this period. The same applies to red days/holidays, like Easter, Ascension Day and Pentecost weekend. Exceptions are possible if it can be guaranteed that no noise or disturbances will occur. You can leave the form “Reconstruction & Renovation” to us with a detailed description of your project.

Renovation should be done as neutral and practical as possible

Since your cottage will be included in the rental business, it is important to keep the interior of your cottage as neutral and practical as possible. This means that you should choose neutral colors that match the natural environment that the cottage is in. Preferably light colors, which make the cottage feel larger, compared to darker colors. Preferably use furnishings that maintain a certain quality and last longer. Otherwise, you are free to choose your furniture after your own style and taste, with new or used furniture, modern or classic.

The cottage interior & plants

Of course, it is desirable that the interior is cozy and homely but be careful with too many things in the cottage. The more stuff, the greater the risk of something breaking, but also more work for our cleaning team. Keep therefore the interior to a minimum. Plants give your cottage a cozy and homely feel and we also recommend having several artificial plants in your cottage, as it gives a homely feeling. However, you cannot have real plants in your cottage. Real plants are not practical in a rental business. Our cleaning staff cannot be expected to water your plants. Rather invest in artificial flowers. Today, the range of artificial flowers is very large, and it is almost impossible to distinguish them from real flowers (when you buy good quality). They can be bought online, but a good range is also available at the EKO hall in Fjälkinge (east of Kristianstad along the E22) at good prices. Also, IKEA has a large assortment. Even RUSTA sells artificial plants.

Report your planned renovation in good time.

When you plan to renovate or rebuild your cottage, you must send in the form “Remodeling & Renovation” where you describe what is to be done, and when, and above all which disturbing activities (loud noise, sawing, etc.) may occur during this time. The basic rule is that renovation work that can be perceived as disturbing for nearby guests must be avoided. For this reason, it is best to plan this type of work during late fall, winter, or early spring when you do not disturb other guests in the same way. When we know in good time about your renovation work, we can also try to avoid bookings in nearby cottages.

No personal, disturbing, or offensive items.

When furnishing your cottage, you should consider that guests who stay in your cottage should not be disturbed or offended by the way you have furnished your cottage. You should always avoid:

  • Religiously oriented paintings, sculptures, etc.

  • Sensual or sexually oriented objects, paintings, statues, etc.

  • Family pictures

If you are unsure whether certain items may be perceived as unpleasant by certain guests, please contact LCS staff so that a joint assessment can be made.