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How many days can I stay in my cottage?

The max number of days you can spend in your cottage is 60 days per year, of which 21 days in the high season period 01.06 – 31.08. All other days and weeks, we rent out your cottage to our guests and you will receive 50% – 60% of the rental income. If you would like to spend more than 60 days in your cottage, than this is possible. In that case you only pay the normal price minus your 50% – 60% rental income.

Can I also book another cottage?

Should you want to book a cottage other than your own, you can do this. Two examples:

1) Book another cottage than your own
When you try to reserve your cottage after we have released bookings to the public and your cottage is already booked by a guest, then you can simply book another cottage instead that is still available.

2) Booking two cottages at the same time
You may also book 2 or more cottages at the same time, for example when you would like to spend vacation time or a weekend together with family or friends. You could then book your own cottage and one of the other cottages. You could then book your own cottage and one of the other cottages.

Since each cottage will have a different standard, depending on the renovations the different owners have carried out and what changes have been made to the interior, each cottage will have its own rental price. You might therefore get a cottage with a lower or higher price/standard, compared to your own cottage. We will settle this price difference in your yearly overview of rental income, upward or downward, depending on the cottage you have chosen instead.

When can I reserve my cottage for next year?
We will release the booking system for next year on October 1st to you as the owner. You will then have one week to reserve all your holiday days, weekends, and weeks for the next year to come. After this first week in October, we will then release your cottage to the public.

When you don’t yet know which days/weeks you want to book, you can always book later, but then of course it can happen that certain days or weeks have already been booked by other guests. In that case, it’s good to know that you can always book a cabin other than your own as explained in the example above.

Can I cancel my reservation afterwards?
You can cancel your reservation just like any other guest. When canceling 60 days or more before your arrival date, no cancellation costs need to be paid. When cancelling within 60 days, we will charge a cancellation fee. On the other hand, you may also receive extra rental income again, because we will try to find a guest who wants to book your cottage last minute. In that scenario, cancellation fees and last-minute rental income could offset each other.

For cancellations without cancellation insurance, the following cancellation fee will be charged:

  • For cancellations 60 days or more before arrival: free cancellation!

  • For cancellations 59-40 days or more before arrival: 15% of the rental price

  • In case of cancellation 39-12 days before the arrival date: 25% of the rental price

  • In case of cancellation 11-2 days before the arrival date: 40% of the rental price

  • In case of cancellation 1-0 days before arrival date: 50% of the rental price

We will deduct these cancellation costs from your rental income. When we however succeed to rent out your cottage last-minute, you will receive the usual rental income, which then compensates for the cancellation costs.