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"Owning your own cottage by the lake"

How big is my rental income?

Since we can rent out your cottage when you are not using it yourself, we will receive rental income. Most of this rental income will be returned to you as the owner, in two different ways:

Fixed rental income

You will receive a fixed rental income of SEK 2490 per month! Your rental income is therefore not dependent on the economy, a pandemic or anything else that can affect your income negatively. We take that risk on ourselves. You always get this income, no matter what happens in the world.

The only exception can be said to be “Force Majeure”, which means when something happens that is so disruptive that business operations cannot be continued or that it is no longer reasonable to demand that the income be paid out in the same way. Then you must think about situations like a war in Sweden, a natural disaster that would hit the facility, even a big fire that destroys buildings and/or cottages. Even when these types of disasters are unlikely to occur, it is good to know that in these types of situations we would have to adjust the payment of the income to a different level. But other than that, you are guaranteed SEK 2490 per month in rental income each month!

Fixed renovation grant of SEK 100,000

You receive SEK 100,000 in renovation grant from us when you renovate your cottage for at least SEK 300,000 within the next 4 years. We pay 1/3 of your investment costs up to a maximum of SEK 100,000.

Since we assume that you will want to carry out various types of renovations within the next 4 years, you will already receive these SEK 100,000 as a discount directly when you buy the cottage. The advantage is that you do not have to pay this SEK 100,000 when the purchase agreement is written, but you can buy the cottage SEK 100,000 cheaper, which of course makes buying the cottage a lot easier.

You can read more about this renovation support under “we pay SEK 100,000 when you renovate”.