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Good to know when booking your own cottage.

The maximum number of days you can spend in your cottage is 60 days per year, of which 21 days during the high season period 01.06 – 31.08. All other days and weeks we rent out your cottage to our guests and you get 50% – 60% of the rental income. If you would like to spend more than 60 days in your cottage, than this is possible. In that case, you just pay the normal price minus your 50% – 60% rental income.

When can I reserve my cottage for next year?

We will release the booking system for next year on October 1st to you as the owner. You then have 2 weeks to book all your holiday weeks and weekends for next year. After October 15, we then release your cabin to the public.

When you don’t yet know which days/weeks you want to book, you can always book later, but then of course it can happen that certain days or weeks have already been booked by other guests.

Can I cancel a booking without paying a cancellation fee?

While regular guests have to pay a cancellation fee according to the cancellation policy in the booking conditions, you as an owner can cancel free of charge. When you cancel, our cancellation policy does not apply. So there are no consequences, no cancellation costs!

However, you should still be careful not to book your cabin too quickly, when you are not entirely sure that you can actually get to your cabin. Every day and every week you book for yourself cannot be booked by a guest, which means less rental income for both you as an owner and for the LCS.

Even though you can cancel your booking free of charge, these canceled days still count towards your 60 days of free booking for yourself. So think about this before you cancel. However, your cottage will be available again for rental to our guests when you cancel, which means that we will receive rental income and this is of course shared between you as the owner and LCS.